Shaun T Williams BA
Shaun T. Williams BA
Sci-fi Concept Artist 3d and VR

Shaun T. Williams BA

Sci-fi Concept Artist 3d and VR

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About Me

I started designing and modelling when 3d first started back in the late 80s, early 90s. First using deluxe paint, cinema 4d, imagine 3d, real 3d, lightwave. I self taught myself in the times of lack of internet, tutorials and support and studied and achieved my Bachelors degree in games Design in 2011. After spending many years working in animation, pre-vis, games and multi-media. VR has opened up a new avenue for my talents and I have worked in VR (High end since 2013. Using Unreal and my partnerships with Htc-Vive, oculus, OSVR, Intel, HypeReal by thousands of hours of VR development

Software experience :

3ds Max
Adobe Premier

B2B 3d Art/Design/VR

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Moon-base Alpha - Design, Model * Prototype - Modular Moonbase : Science & Industry Museum : Tampa, Florida, USA - 2012 (P-Image-1)

Big Bang Theory - Warner brothers : Sci-fi Fly-by SHort - CDF Goliath :

Target Earth / Ancient Aliens : Various animation clips

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